Catalogue of Informants and Transcripts

Catalogue of Informants and Transcripts

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Anything the size of the LTP is complicated. There are 194 45 minute tapes transcribed and somehow the researcher has to find their way through this maze. I sympathise, be sure that I have tried to make it as easy as possible to access what you are after. Every informant has a code and a name and what I have done in this latest version is to consolidate each informant in one or two large files. My advice is to copy the file, paste it to your hard disk and use the search facility in your word-processing application to find what you want. Remember that there are no restrictions for personal, educational or non-profit use.

A few general points. Every informant was recorded in a series of consecutive visits as close together as possible so that once they had started they retained the thread. Every informant was asked the standard set of questions developed by Dr Elizabeth Roberts for her social survey of Lancaster, in effect they told their life story. Once this was done we started on specifics pertaining to their jobs. A technique I developed was to photograph key stages in the process or job and ask the informant to describe what was on the photograph. Where this is happening you'll find that the file name and number of this image is flagged up in the transcript. If an informant digressed I always allowed this because in themselves these were informative vignettes of their life and attitudes.

What follows is a list of the informants with some clues to the subjects they cover in their responses. This is the best I can do and I apologise for the occasions when your head reels as you are assaulted by the sheer scale of the information you are chasing!


Code FI. Fred Inman, tackler in Earby and Barnoldswick. 16 transcripts.
Code AG. Newton Pickles, engineer in Barnoldswick. 14 transcripts.
Code AB. William Brooks. Taper in Barnoldswick. 98 years old. 8 transcripts.
Code JM. John Sayers Metcalfe. Mill manager in Barnoldswick. 1 transcript.
Code SP. Stephen Pickles. Manufacturer and mill owner in Barnoldswick. 1 transcript.
Code AO. Jack Platt. Various jobs but a weaver at Bancroft Shed when it first opened. 4 transcripts.
Code AK. Emma Jane Clark. Mill worker in Barnoldswick. 6 transcripts.
Code AC. Ernie Roberts. Weaver and tackler in Barnoldswick. 15 transcripts.
Code AA. James Pollard. Weaving manager at Bancroft Shed, early life in Earby. 11 transcripts.
Code AF. Mary Wilkins. Weaver at Bancroft Shed in Barnoldswick. 3 transcripts.
Code AD. Horace Thornton. Early life in Carleton in Craven then taper in Earby. 17 transcripts.
Code AL. Arthur Entwistle. Born Barnoldswick, engineer, never worked in the mill but migrated to the Midlands before WW2. 5 transcripts.
Code SA. George Forrester Singleton. Born and lived in Blackburn, mill valuer and agent. Vast experience of all aspects of the textile trade. 18 transcripts.
Code AI. Stanley Challenger Graham. Varied career but mill engineer at Bancroft Shed. Born Stockport and lived latterly in Barnoldswick. A good place to start research because he covers many aspects of both the mills and the LTP. 19 transcripts.


Code SI. Stanley Graham describes Spring Vale Mill, condenser spinning. 1 Transcript.
Code SC. John Cooke, retired spinning mill manager. 1 transcript.
Code SE. Roy Tomlinson. Manager at Spring Vale in 1978. 1 transcript.
Code SHE. Arnold Parkinson, Mule overlooker at Spring Vale. 4 transcripts.
Code SHF. Glenys Kirby. Card tenter at Spring Vale. 2 transcripts.
Code SHG. Maurice Hammerton. Deviller at Spring Vale. 1 transcript.
Code SHH. George Pickup. Scutcher at Spring Vale. 2 transcripts.
Code SHI. Charlie Gowers and Joe Pilling. Carders and grinders at Spring Vale. 3 transcripts.
Code SHJ. Roland Taylor. Jumbo operative at Spring Vale. 7 transcripts.
Code SD. Jim Riley. Mule spinner at Spring Vale. 9 transcripts.
Code SB. John Greenwood. Retired long service manager at Spring Vale. 13 transcripts.


Code VH. Victor Hedges. Accountant in Burnley with extensive experience administering room and power. 1 transcript.
Code SH. Sam Hannah. Teacher and film-maker. This is an odd one, I was asked to do the interview by the DoE and it was kept because of general interest and rarity. 1 transcript.
Code LM. Newton Pickles and Stanley Graham. Another odd ball but describes an inspection of a large water mill in Lothersdale. 2 transcripts.
Code HD. Harold Duxbury. Builder in Barnoldswick but also secretary of the Calf Hall Shed company and therefore a good source on the mills as well.6 transcripts.

A total of 194 45 minute tapes.

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